三國志曹操伝 (CHS)

三國志曹操伝 (CHS) (1998)
Sangokushi Sōsōden is the fifth release in the Eiketsuden tactical role-playing series developed by Koei, and the third to be set during the Three Kingdoms period. The game retells the exploits of the ancient Chinese warlord Cao Cao. The events are based upon those depicted in Luo Guanzhong's historical dramatic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The novel, itself, is based upon the historical battles and events of the actual Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. While Cao Cao is portrayed as a villain in the novel, he is actually the protagonist of Sangokushi Sousouden. As such, the negative deeds attributed to Cao in the novel are either altered to depict him in a more positive light or simply removed entirely. Three prominent opposing characters in the novel, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang and Sun Quan, are Cao Cao's primary opponents in the game. The character portraits in this release are mostly enhanced, palette swapped re-creations of those used in the previous Sangokushi Eiketsuden and Sangokushi Koumeiden games, with the sole exception of Cao Cao, who has a unique appearance; However, the Mobile Game rerelease would later give everyone redesigned appearances as well.