The Legend of Kyrandia: Book One

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The Legend of Kyrandia: Book One (1992)
The Legend of Kyrandia: Book One is a 2D point-and-click adventure game, and the first game in the Fables & Fiends series. It was developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Games in August 1992. Players take on the role of a young prince who must end the tyrannical chaos of an evil court jester in his kingdom. The game makes use of a simple interface system that allows the player to interact with objects and people, while solving various puzzles using a variety of items and special abilities. In the fantasy kingdom of Kyrandia, King William and Queen Katherine are murdered by court jester Malcolm. The kingdom's powerful magic users, known as the Mystics, imprison Malcolm in the royal castle, while their chief Kallak goes into hiding in order to raise their son Brandon, his grandson, in secret. Eighteen years later, Malcolm's prison breaks, allowing him to escape and make use of the castle's most valuable treasure called the Kyragem - a mystic stone containing the kingdom's vast magical power, in order to seek revenge. Kallak, sensing Malcolm's escape, leaves a message for Brandon, before he is turned to stone by the jester. Finding him petrified, Brandon is contacted by the trees and informed that he is the only one left to defeat Malcolm. Seeking help, Brandon meets with three of the Mystics, who each help him on his quest, including supplying him with an amulet that has gems he must restore to aid his task. In the process, he quickly learns of his identity, due to Kallak keeping the knowledge from him while he was growing up, and that the Kyragem cannot be accessed without the royal treasures. After restoring the amulet and locating one of the treasures, Brandon heads to the castle, now occupied by Malcolm, finding that his former friends and allies have been turned to stone for aiding him. Upon locating the other treasures, Brandon proceeds to the Kyragem, and defeats Malcolm by making him inadvertently reflect a spell back onto himself, turning the jester to stone. With the land free, Brandon assumes his rightful role as Kyrandia's new king, reuniting with Kallak to celebrate the restoration of the land and the freeing of the Kyragem.