Police Quest: SWAT

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Police Quest: SWAT (1995)
Sierra On-Line
Daryl F. Gates' Police Quest: SWAT is the fifth game in the Police Quest series. It is a graphic adventure game released in 1995. In keeping with the strict realism of the previous series, the majority of the game is spent performing training exercises. In fact, there are only three actual missions in the game (a mentally ill grandmother, a barricaded fugitive, and a terrorist attack). The first mission is available after the player completes a single training exercise and then attends a tactical lecture. The second becomes available after completing the first. After successfully playing several variations of the first two, the third becomes available. To increase replay value, the missions play out slightly differently with each playthrough, though only a limited number of variations exist. The role the player takes during the last mission also differs based on the career path they have selected during training, acting either as an element leader, with a greatly expanded list of radio commands to direct their team, or as a sniper, with randomized wind conditions forcing the player to adjust their rifle scope to ensure an accurate shot.