Pirates! Gold

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Pirates! Gold (1993)
MPS Labs
Pirates! Gold is a 1993 computer game, a remake to Sid Meier's 1987 release, Sid Meier's Pirates!. Pirates! Gold features Super VGA graphics including hand-painted screens, and a more-detailed playing environment than the original. The update also includes 3-D modeled ship and flag animations, and graphic depictions of items that were menu choices in the original game. The player can play as a pirate, privateer, or a pirate hunter. It features sword fighting, ocean-faring battles, and land battles as its three main arenas of action, connected by role-playing which allows the player to court the favor of local politicos, romance women, and recruit pirates in the local pub. Players have the opportunity to go on quests, but must also strategically plan raiding excursions and trading routes.