Jagged Alliance

🛈 Tips: Remember to click the save button before leaving, otherwise game progress may not be saved.
Jagged Alliance (1995)
Madlab Software
Jagged Alliance is a tactical role-playing game released in 1995 for MS-DOS. It was developed by Madlab Software and published by Sir-Tech. It is the first game in the Jagged Alliance series. Jagged Alliance takes place on the fictional South Atlantic island of Metavira, a former nuclear testing site. The nuclear tests altered some trees on the island and several years later it was discovered by a scientist, Brenda Richards, that those trees, known as Fallow trees, produce unique sap that proves to be a medical marvel. However, Brenda also discovered that the trees could not reproduce. Her assistant, Lucas Santino, realised how profitable this sap would be. He managed to convince Jack Richards, the leader of the scientific mission, that it would be beneficial to have two independent science teams. Santino consequently established a new base on the other side of the island. He immediately began to recruit new people and gradually took over the island by force. When the game begins, the player is contacted by Jack Richards and is invited to the island. There, Brenda and her father request that the player hires mercenaries through the Association of International Mercenaries (A.I.M.) to reclaim the island from Santino's forces sector by sector.