Brandish 2 (CHT)

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Brandish 2 (CHT) (1997)
Brandish 2: The Planet Buster is the sequel to Falcom's Brandish and like its predecessor is a top-down dungeon crawler starring the swordsman Ares (or Varik, depending on the version) and his recurring frenemy Dela the sorceress. Players navigate the dungeon by switching around the viewpoint so the direction they're facing is always north on the screen, and can find and equip items throughout each floor of the dungeon as well as interact with objects, examine messages and talk to NPCs. The game includes various new features, such as the option to dual-wield weapons for increased damage output and a stronger emphasis on talking to NPCs and acquiring side-quests to follow. The plot involves finding the titular Planet Buster, a sword of immense power that could threaten the world itself, though Ares first needs to escape the prison he was thrown into by the game's enemy faction.